2022 General Election

We recommend voting for the Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

Idaho GOP Chairwoman Moon is also recommending we vote YES on SJR 102.

Here are our local candidates to vote for as well:

District 9:

Senate: Abby Lee
House A: Jacyn Gallagher
House B: Judy Boyle

District 10:

Senate: Tammy Nichols
House A: Mike Moyle
House B: Bruce Skaug

District 11:

Senate: Chris Trakel
House A: Julie Yamamoto
House B: Chris Allgood

District 12:

Senate: Ben Adams
House A: Jeff Cornilles
House B: Jaron Crane

District 13:

Senate: Brian Lenney
House A: Brent Crane
House B: Kenny Wroten

District 23:

Senate: Todd Lakey
House A: Melissa Durrant
House B: Tina Lambert

For College of Western Idaho we recommend:

Alisha Hickman – Zone 1
Ryan Spoon – Zone 2
Jan Zarr – Zone 3
Thad Butterworth – Zone 4

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