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Welcome to the Admin Launchpad!
The Admin Settings menu will take you to the part of the page that explains how to use those settings. Not all settings need your attention at first. To launch your website quickly, focus on the settings listed in the Steps to Launch list below:

Website Overview

This is a fully customizable website built on WordPress by ArcFires with Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields. This video offers a high-level overview of how the website has been built and how it can be edited. 

Note: This website has been built in such a way that you should not need to learn Elementor to change any of the content. However, you will need to learn Elementor or work with WordPress designers, such as the ArcFires team, to make major changes to the design of the website.

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Contact ArcFires Support

County Name & Contact Info

Update the name and primary contact info of your county across the entire website in one place. The only references to your county that will not be automatically updated are places where you have typed your county name into a text box or other custom field.

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Update County Name & Contact Info

Home Page Content

Like most pages on this website, the home page has been designed with the Elementor page builder but uses content from custom fields in the Dashboard. You should be able to make all the changes to the content you desire in the dashboard. Only click Edit with Elementor if you really know what you’re doing.

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Edit Home Page Content​

Social Media Accounts

This website is currently set up to show Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social media accounts. If it’s important for your county to add more options, contact ArcFires.

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Edit Social Media Accounts​


Menus are used in this site in several important ways. To help users navigate the enormous amount of content you may decide to include on your website, we have designed a custom mega menu option. To help you launch your website quickly, we have also included a simple menu option for the header.

Use this video to learn how to make changes to your header menu(s).

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Edit Menus

Global Colors

This website has been built using global color settings. This means you can change colors across your website in one place instead of changing the color of every element individually.

Some colors need to be edited elsewhere, such as the Header Settings and Footer Settings. Some colors are specific to individual pages.

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Edit Site Colors

Header Settings

The header settings are a bit complicated and need to be edited in a few different places. The colors are straightforward, but editing the menus is a bit more involved. You can switch between a simple menu and a mega menu with these settings.

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Edit Header Settings

Edit Menus

Page Template Settings

Change the default settings for new page templates, such as the page header image.

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Edit Page Template Settings

Footer Settings

Nothing too complicated here. The footer is pretty straightforward. The footer text can be customized by the ArcFires team during your county onboarding. The other text and colors can be modified easily.

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Edit Footer Settings

Leadership Settings

The leadership page has been built dynamically with Elementor, meaning your changes to custom fields in the dashboard will be reflected on the page. County leadership profiles must be edited in the dashboard.

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Edit County Leadership

Edit Leadership Page Content


Each precinct leader will need to be assigned to a precinct in your county. We have added 20 by default and named these precincts “Precinct 01”, “Precinct 02”, etc. You can change the name of these precincts, assign captains, and add or delete precincts to match your county using the settings below.

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Edit Precincts & Leaders


To make sure the website continues to be supported through each election, add additional users with the administrator role for anybody that should have access to editing the site.

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Manage Website Users


Some of the pages on this website are designed to redirect to other websites, such a the State Republican Party, your local county website, and other external resources. You can override the redirect and provide your own content for these pages.

Be careful to review the pages listed in your menus before launching your site. If a page linked in the menu has no content, remove the page from the menu until it has been updated. Also make sure that any pages linked using buttons have content (especially on your home page).

Content that is virtually identical for every county will be written on the ID GOP website to spare you from unnecessary work. Feel free to add pages (or delete if you know what you are doing) as needed.

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Manage Redirections


Posts can be used to display committee meeting minutes, calls, resolutions, and other types of announcements.

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Add & Edit Posts


We have added a Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin to your website to enable you to support an event calendar on your website. You can easily add events using this calendar plugin, or another that you so choose. If this plugin does not have the features you need, we strongly consider investing in the paid version of this calendar as it has the most features of any of the calendar plugins our team has used.

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Edit Events Calendar

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